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Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners is famous throughout the industry as one of the leading expert carpet cleaning providers that achieves the best overall results. With their expertise and proficiency, we can give your carpets and area rugs a deep and thoroughly clean using powerful machinery and effective cleaning mixture available. We will pre-treat your carpets and rugs to break down and encapsulate soils to eradicate them quickly.


Our treatment penetrates the fibers. With our latest set of dual rotating mechanical roller, it brushes the soils and extracts residue. Our latest industrial-grade vacuum system extracts the moisture to prevent dirt and mold build-up. The last step of the cleaning process that we have is applying antibacterial and deodorizer to ensure that any pet stains or harmful allergens are removed, making your carpets smelling fresh and clean.


We are very particular that you will be astonished at the final result with a different carpet cleaning program.

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The Treatment Process of Carpet Cleaning Services


In treating your carpets and area rugs, it all starts with a pre-inspection on its issues. By taking a closer look at the type of fiber or fabric, we can formulate plans and programs viable to the pre-existing conditions it may have. Pre-existing conditions include heavy soiling, fiber deterioration, missing fibers, stains, spots, odor, etc. The placement of the carpet or furniture, amount of foot traffic, and airflow considerations play a big part in your adornments’ pre-existing conditions. By conversing with our friendly staff, we often recommend what kind of treatment shall be applied before our professional carpet cleaners’ arrival. Our staff is trained to ask questions about the conditions of your carpets and recommend the necessary services. In this way, we can assist all of your queries and provide you with an estimated service fee. After the pre-inspection, our professional carpet cleaners will do the arduous job. 


The expertise of our professional carpet cleaners, coupled with powerful cleaning solutions guarantees to achieve the best results.


Los Angeles Professional Carpet Cleaners


Our team of professional carpet cleaners knows how to handle the different types of fibers. We know very well that each fiber type requires different approaches to be cleaned compared to natural fibers like wool, silk, or cotton.


Furthermore, some carpet manufacturers strongly recommend professional steam cleaning or hot water extraction methods at least once every 18 months from the time of purchase. With the steam cleaning method, our professional carpet cleaners understand the importance of proper drying time and resources for unclean carpets or areas with low airflow or high humidity. The benefit of this is that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and even stay clean longer. Steam cleaning is the preferred method of both residential and commercial owners. This proprietary method of ours is the most effective. We also offer dry cleaning that is a great method for maintenance of commercial-grade and low-impact carpet.


Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners offers wide-ranging solutions and techniques to make your carpets clean and smelling fresh while extending its longevity.


If you want to experience an excellent carpet cleaner who can provide solutions for all situations, call us today! Let us help you with your carpet issues.