Top 6 Common Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

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If you’re familiar with the famous movie titled “Aladdin,” then you’re aware of one of its most prominent icons – the magic carpet! Sure, it’s something that gave our main character a blissful memory and some level of convenience. When you put that into an actual setting, carpets do have that kind of feel and effect. 

Carpets deliver comfort and warmth that hard and concrete flooring typically can’t match. However, there is always something off. For one, carpets easily get dirtied, especially if your family members love going outdoors or if you have playful kids and naughty pets. Even worse, carpets get stained too. That is why you always need to be prepared for the worst to prolong the life and functionality of your carpets. 

To prevent the staining of carpets, consider acting immediately, especially when it’s a severe stain. You’ll have a greater chance of avoiding a spillage from turning into a permanent stain if you work faster. Also, some errant ink, a doggy accident, or spilled hot drink can permanently ruin a carpet if you don’t know how to act on it appropriately. 

However, in most cases, stained carpets can be addressed successfully as long as the immediate actions are done. That’s something to comfort you a bit. Aside from a few essential cleaning agents, you’ll be able to save your valuable floor coverings from the garbage bin if you have the best vacuum cleaner for carpets. 

Here is a list of the most common carpet stains you should know. With awareness of these, you’ll know which materials, activities, or tangible items you should avoid or rarely do. However, unwanted events can always happen, so we’ve also provided practical and actionable things to do to remove them.

  1. Removing pet stains from carpet

From time to time, even the most trained dogs, cats, and other pets can run into accidents, especially when they’re playing around and chasing each other. Sadly, these mishaps usually happen on the deepest, softest, and costliest carpets in your house. 

What more if you have newly-born pets or pets that are not adequately trained or used to home settings? Imagine the chaotic scenes they can create. You might even notice some scrapes of your carpets thrown all around the floor. But that’s a scenario for another story. 

Just place yourself in a situation wherein your pets stained your carpet. When that happens, fast action is imperative to removing the stains successfully. 

So, the first thing to do is to remove the clutters as best as you can. Doing that includes blotting urine or carefully scooping up dog poo. Regardless of the situation, never scrub the carpet with dirt or poop on it. If you do that, the stains will deepen, and the mess gets spread all over. 

Following that, spray the carpet with a solution of water mixed with some levels of dishwashing detergents. Before blotting it dry again using paper towels, let the solution settle on the carpet for some minutes to let the reaction work substantially. 

After, respray the entire using another solution of vinegar and water. When minutes pass, start blotting the carpet dry using paper towels. 

What you have to do next is to sprinkle the area with baking soda. This substance will absorb any remaining moisture, including the odor of the mess and the poop. Another optional way to maintain freshness and cleanliness is to sprinkle the carpet’s stain with everyday essential oils. Doing so effectively renders temporary masking until the odor disappears. 

Repeat the steps above if the stain is not yet removed. But it should have been gone if you acted quickly enough. So that’s a prime consideration when you’re in such kind of a situation. The last thing you have to do is to vacuum the entire area properly. 

Here is a tip to remember. You can prevent permanent staining if you have a steam cleaner with a carpet attachment. Using that alone can effectively remove any manifestations of the mess. 

  1. Removing coffee stains from carpet

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We all love coffee, don’t we? Or at least one or two members of your family indulge in this refreshing drink once or even five times a day! So, there is always that tendency of spilling it on the floor and the carpet. 

When that happens, the coffee can leave a yellow-brown and nasty stain that will remain there permanently unless acted upon swiftly. Blot the excess up with microfiber cloths or paper towels immediately after the spillage. Although tempting it may be, don’t ever scrub the carpet out of panic. 

Consider spraying the area equally with a solution of water and white vinegar once the excess has been removed. You might also need to utilize non-bleach detergents if the carpet is particularly light. But again, it’s always critical to review the cleaning instructions attached to your carpet when delivered. You can always treat a small test area first before proceeding. 

Before sprinkling the carpet using baking soda, blot up the excess moisture. It’s best to leave the stain overnight at this stage. You can then assess the stain and vacuum the powder the following morning. Repeat the steps above if the stain is still there but remember to use a lower ammonia dosage if your supplier or carper manufacturer permits. If not, you can always use home alternatives such as a bit of rubbing alcohol. 

Here is a tip to know. Consider using a weak bleach solution if you have a polypropylene carpet. A steam mop used immediately can also render the same level of effectivity. 

  1. Removing blood stains from carpet

Even the most minuscule amounts of blood can permanently cause brown stains on your floor carpets if they’re not addressed immediately. The first thing you should do is to use cold water as a spray agent for the stain. Please refrain from using hot water as it could deepen the stain’s penetration and spread it all over. Also, note that since blood coagulates with heat, the stain can worsen. 

Before spraying the area extensively:

  1. Mix a dishwashing detergent and cold water to create the perfect solution.
  2. Use paper towels to blot the stains dry, then rinse with clean cold water before blotting again.
  3. Unless the stains are not completely removed, consider repeating the steps. 


  1. Removing ink stains from carpet

Stained carpets with wool and other natural fibers can be more challenging to clean, especially if the agent is ink. But here is the thing. Swift action can make that happen. Start first by spraying the stained part of the carpet with rubbing alcohol to get the better of a tough ink stain. Other alternatives you can use for spraying are hairspray and nail polish remover. But then again, ensure that you are aware of the cleaning guidelines of the supplier before executing the former steps. 

Before blotting the stained carpet with a slightly wet microfiber cloth, sprinkle an alcohol-based solution and let it settle for at least an hour. Then, blot the moisture up with paper towels if you notice that the stains are gradually disappearing. To dry the carpets afterward, you can use a hairdryer or place it on an unshaded part of the house. 

  1. Removing red wine stains from carpet

Party! Party! Oh, party! Party!

What if you’re one of those who love inviting guests to your house for merry-making activities? Indeed, you know that a party is nothing special if no red wines are offered. After all, red wines spark eloquence and cheerful moods. 

But they can also be the most distressing form of stain on your carpet. Not only would you feel bad for the precious wine spilled, but you also get frustrated since red wines are notoriously difficult to remove. So again, the successful removal of wine stains ultimately depends on immediate actions. 

To start with, apply absorbent paper towels to blot any excess. Before covering the stain with the towels, get a bottle of tonic water for application. But make sure you do not drench your carpet. If you’re lucky, the emerging bubbles will gradually break up the stains before they entirely stick to the carpet. Following that, blot away the tonic water before applying a solution of vinegar and water as a spray agent. Conduct the blotting phase once more, then use baking soda to cover the entire area. Afterward, vacuum the carpet properly. Don’t rush in doing so. 

  1. Removing chocolate stains from carpet

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Although chocolate stains are easily removed, they visibly damage the aesthetic view of your carpets. What you should keep in mind is that melted chocolates are harder to remove compared to hard chocolate. So, it’s best to freeze the chocolate with a pack of frozen vegetables or ice cubes. Then, when the chocolate hardens, gradually scrape its way using the side of a spoon. If you’re lucky, that’s enough to get the job done. 

But what if the chocolate melted and settled on the carpet? Immediately spray the stain with a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. Then, blot it dry and continuously repeat the process until no visible stains remain. Since chocolate is easy to remove, there is no need to apply any cleaning chemicals.

So those are some of the common carpet stains to know. With these in mind, consider applying the mentioned recommendations. Again, swift action leads to immediate resolution.



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